My marathon running raises funds for ScriptEd - a NYC nonprofit that teaches computer programming to underserved high school students. Please donate!

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to ScriptEd through ChildrenComeFirst using PayPal. 


ScriptEd NYC is a non-profit that teaches computer programming classes at underserved high schools (aww). 

ScriptEd's Mission:

To give students, especially at underserved schools and communities, opportunities they deserve to define their own success. To empower the next generation to be more than just consumers of technology --  to be creators of technology.

How ScriptEd changes lives through teaching code:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2018 the economy will demand 800,000 new high-end computing jobs. Yet, few low-income students have the opportunity to get training for these jobs. ScriptEd provides 21st century skills to students entering a 21st century labor market. Their free after-school courses are taught by volunteers from the tech industry. In the summer, they offer 4-week internships at top technology firms. 

The difference your contribution makes:

Students nation-wide could benefit from ScriptEd's instruction, internships and mentoring. Your tax-deductible contribution supports expansion efforts and ensures students receive the absolute best teaching. Please consider donating, today!

Record your voice that I'll listen to on Race Day!

1227973961782836377Farmeral_audio-icon_svg_hi.pngSo, something tells me I'll have a lot of time to kill while running this thing. I thought it'd be fun if my friends, family, and yes, online strangers called and left a voicemail for me that I'll turn into an mp3, upload to my ipod, and listen to for the first time while running the race. Your voice will help get me through 26.2 miles! You game?

Call 719-636-2000. Leave your name and a message at ChildrenComeFirst voicemail. That simple!

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